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February 3, 2018
6 months


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About ADIT

Pantelis Stylianides Institute of Accountancy in cooperation with TaxAtelier Ltd, are proud to provide the course through one of the most prestigious training organisations in the UK, Tolley Exam Training (part of LexisNexis) specialising in International taxation.

The Advanced Diploma in Taxation (‘ADIT’) was developed by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (‘CIOT’), which is the leading professional body in the United Kingdom (‘UK’) concerned solely with taxation. The Advanced Diploma is supervised by an Academic Board of distinguished international tax practitioners.

ADIT was launched in Cyprus in an effort to fill the gap of professionally qualified international tax planners and to help entrepreneurs and local tax practitioners to meet the needs of their international clients.

It is now being offered in leading western countries and through highly reputable universities. The overall standard of the Advanced Diploma is comparable to the tax advisor examinations in the UK and successful students will be able to demonstrate a high level of competence.

As Cyprus is increasing its reputation as an international financial center, tax is becoming a critical part of the work of most professionals since they are facing more and more challenges and more complex tax structures in their daily routine.

A key characteristic of international corporate tax advisers is that they have a variety of backgrounds and typically spend time in more than one country. This unique specialist Advanced Diploma meets the needs of international tax practitioners in the corporate area.

Who should attend?
ADIT is ideal for a variety of professionals such as Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Advisers, Management Consultants, Financial Advisers and Notaries. If you intend to pursue a career in international taxation- in industry, commerce, private practice or in the public sector-this is the qualification for you.

ADIT meets the demand both in and outside Cyprus for a specialist qualification for international tax practitioners in the corporate area. The Diploma shows you have a high level of competence in international taxation and brings you the benefits of an internationally recognised qualification. It recognises that international tax advisers need to understand more than one tax system. The overall standard is comparable to the CTA in the UK. The ADIT examination is set by the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

The qualification 


  • Qualify in international tax
  • Specialist trainers, outstanding pass rates
  • Classroom learning courses
  • Easy on line application

What do I need to do to qualify for the ADIT? 

Register as a student and apply to sit the exams.

You must register as a student with the Institute for which you need a valid e mail address. Students should aim to be registered by 31 January if they wish to sit an examination the following June and 31 August if they wish to sit an exam in December.

Registration fee-STG £ 185 (valid for 5 years)

Then you must separately apply to sit the examination. The deadline for this is the end of February for the June examination and 12th September for the December examinations.

Study for the exams 

There is a choice of paper for each of the three exams you must pass. PS Institute in cooperation with TaxAtelier are providing the courses through one of the most prestigious organisations in the UK, Tolley Tax Training (part of LexisNexis)

  • Paper 1-Principles of International Taxation
  • Paper 2.03-Advanced International Taxation (Jurisdiction)-Cyprus Option
  • Paper 3.02-Advanced International Taxation (Thematic)-EU VAT
  • Paper 3.03-Advanced International Taxation (Thematic)-Transfer Pricing

Sit and pass the three exam papers

You can sit all the three papers for the ADIT qualification separately or all at once.

Paper 1 is compulsory, you can choose any combination of the other papers.

There is a handwritten sitting of the exams in June and on screen sittings of the exams in June and December. Each examination is 3 hours 15 minutes in length (including 15 minutes reading time)

You are allowed to take certain publications into the examination.

The pass mark for each paper is 50%. The results are released in August and February.

 Current Examination Fee 

The exam fee for the June 2017 exams is currently STG £ 170 per paper, which includes technical articles, current tax notes, digests of tax cases and news from the Institute. The thesis fee is STG £ 170. Fees are set by the CIOT and are subject to annual review.


Upon successful completion of the ADIT exams (or completion of two exams and a thesis) candidates will receive a certificate. Individual certificates are also available for candidates who complete Paper 1-Principles of International Taxation and Paper 3.03-Transfer Pricing.

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Enhance your career with a prestigious qualification.


Become an international tax practitioner.


Obtain a Diploma in IFRS!.


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