Advance Tax Strategies in Cyprus: A Comprehensive Guide

July 24, 2024


This seminar caters to professionals who are eager to delve deeper into the nuances of complex tax issues and explore advanced strategies for tax planning. Participants can expect an immersive experience that goes beyond the basics, delving into cutting-edge tax concepts, recent regulatory updates, and practical solutions aimed at optimizing tax efficiency and mitigating tax liabilities. Through comprehensive discussions and case studies, attendees will gain valuable insights and tools to navigate the intricacies of the tax landscape with confidence and expertise.

Seminar Overview

The seminar offers a deep dive into Cyprus tax system, including advanced topics like corporation and capital gains tax. Participants gain insight into intricate tax rules and regulations, with focus on overseas aspects. They develop proficiency in assessing corporation tax and special defence contributions, and understanding capital gains tax liabilities. Additionally, attendees gain knowledge of social insurance, VAT, and tax administration. The seminar enhances analytical skills for evaluating tax implications and advising on financial decisions, fostering proactive tax planning and ethical conduct.


The seminar targets professionals aiming to enhance their grasp of intricate tax matters and delve into advanced tax planning strategies. It caters to tax professionals, advisors, auditors, accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, business consultants, as well as staff in accounting, audit, and tax departments of local or international firms. Participants come from diverse backgrounds united by the shared objective of gaining expertise in mastering advanced tax strategies specific to Cyprus’s tax environment.

Training Objectives:

  • Understanding the purpose and function of taxation in modern economies.
  • Exploring the principal sources of revenue law and practice.
  • Understanding the scope and computation of income tax.
  • Utilizing exemptions and deductions to minimize income tax liabilities.
  • Analysing income from various sources, including self-employment and investments.
  • Understanding corporation tax and its computation.
  • Exploring relief options for trading losses and partnerships.
  • Understanding income tax implications for employment income.
  • Understanding special contributions for defense and their computation.
  • Examining capital gains tax and its implications on property and shares.
  • Exploring exemptions and deductions to minimize capital gains tax liabilities.
  • Understanding value-added tax (VAT) and its assessment process.
  • Exploring tax planning strategies for individuals and businesses.
  • Understanding tax advice services and their role in financial decision-making.
  • Exploring social insurance contributions and healthcare system contributions.


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Become an international tax practitioner.


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